Kickboxing is well known today for its comprehensive health benefits. Yes, you get in great shape. Yes, you clear your head and stress decreases. Yes, you sweat and endorphins fly freely. Now, what about the hesitations? Why would someone be afraid to go to a kickboxing gym? Let’s see some pitfalls of kickboxing gyms and how MA Fitness delivers fitness results for all levels.

Fitness Results For All Levels

So we know the benefits. Here’s where it gets tricky. Making kickboxing accessible so we can truly see fitness results for all levels. Most kickboxing gyms we found force you to dive deep into the world of martial arts where kickboxing comes from. It’s a very interesting world and a lot of good comes from the study of fighting and controlled sparring. However, this very hard to break into. The main population of most boxing/kickboxing gyms are males, ages 12-24 years old with a specific desire to fight. The focus of classes is fighting and getting you to a level of competition. This is great for those invested in creating and receiving black eyes and bruises. But what about the rest of us who ultimately want the joy of kickboxing and the benefits of training like that without the constant push toward a real fight?

Fitness results for all levels

Bridging the Gap

Finding the balance is tough. In order to show their accessibility, some gyms went the total opposite direction of intensity and landed in a strange place where kickboxing seems to lose its power. The somewhat comfortable workout isn’t based in any real technique or fighting style but instead isolates strikes and attempts, removing them any semblance of realistic fighting to make them a workout. This approach may yield a benefit for some but ultimately leaves the training environment lacking when put up against its potential power.

MA Fitness seeks to find the perfect balance. Intensity and accessibility. A training experience that allows everyday people to tap into the power of kickboxing, as a workout number 1, but also as a way of life. Fighters fight and athletes compete because it’s what they do. It’s their DNA. When you deliver the techniques outside of that framework they tend to fall flat in any workout environment. MA Fitness weaves this magic ingredient into every workout.

The Workout in a Nutshell

45 Minutes of high intensity, hard hitting action that simulates that training feeling athletes face when getting ready for competition. The combos are called out in real time by living, breathing personable coaches and trainers who make you want to give your best. They lead by example. As you attack the heavy bag over the 6 rounds you learn to strike with authority while period of intensity ramp up. The punches, kicks and conditioning work each coach brings to the table makes it easy to follow but challenging to master. In fact, finding a point where it “gets easier” doesn’t really come into play unless you find a comfortable place of exertion to settle for yourself. There’s always more to find. The potential energy within you is endless. MA Fitness makes you go to that place and find the little bit extra that day to deliver the KO blow to anything standing in your way. That’s what makes this place, this workout, this environment so unique.workout to lose weight st pete

Fitness Results For All Levels

You have to make the decision to get started. No gimmicks, no tricks, no sales tactics. Do your research and show up. If you’re ready to take that step we hope you’ll choose MA Fitness. We guarantee we’ll welcome you in. No prior experience but an expectation of consistency. Kickboxing delivers fitness results for all levels. Any able body can do this. We want to show you how. Let’s fight for your fitness together — TRY A FREE CLASS