MA Fitness St Pete is launching its first kickboxing Form Fundamentals workshop in January 2023 to teach new clients how to punch and kick with authority. This skill building session will aim to improve overall kickboxing form and help you get more out of heavy bag conditioning sessions. The best 45 minute workout can get even better with just a few tweaks to hand position, balance and proper core rotation. Are you ready?!

Make Each Contact Mean Something

In the fast paced action of a signature MA Fitness kickboxing workout you will be tempted to move as fast as possible through every second. We’ll show you when that is absolutely appropriate and when a pause or tempo break might be just what is needed to punch through that plateau.

When we move too fast through a combo without first grounding our form we can find ourselves off balance by leaning too far forward with each punch or rolling to the side of our foot. In getting our weight centered and understanding neutral, forward weight and backward weight positions for different punches we can transition between speed punches and power punches with ease. Moving through free space is hard. It is athletic motion that requires skill. Knowing how to vary tempo and control your balance in that is key to a great workout in this environment.

What We’ll Learn 

In the Form Fundamentals we’ll focus on 3 main components

  1. Understanding why your lower half is so important to your upper body strikes
  2. How to move your striking base for more effective power and balance
  3. Landing solid contact kicks and returning to guard

By covering these 3 areas we can guarantee that you will get more out of each session this year. Of course, these concepts may not “click” right away but the knowledge of them will help you practice each time and get that 1% better.

Join us for form fundamentals or a free trial class this week! 

Why Is Kickboxing So Good For You?

We want to clarify here that we view kickboxing with a heavy bag as the best. The contact and resistance of the heavy bag is key. Pair this with a good strength routine and you could see amazing results this year. The HIIT style round structure plays out perfectly in getting your heart rate to peak and then decrease at the right times. This teaches your heart to perform high levels of exertion and then recover quickly which leads to improved cardio, fast twitch muscle activation and high level fat burning. The scientific evidence is in the studies done by much smarter people than us but we live by the proof of it everyday in our own lives and those who have come through our doors for the past 10 years. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to try this new way of working out!