Have you noticed? Every new fitness streaming platform or big box gym is marketing kickboxing as a workout type along with their other offerings. The fitness world and St Pete, FL specifically has caught up but sometimes the skills displayed by coaches haven’t. Many times we find that the kickboxing being coached has no form foundation and is strictly fitness based. This can be a problem that takes away from the potential such a powerful workout routine.

Boxing Vs Kickboxing Fitness

If you are looking into combat conditioning you might find several martial arts studios from BJJ to Kickboxing and MMA. Boxing and Kickboxing are the most exciting forms of training like an athlete.

The addition of kicks makes kickboxing quite different than boxing. However, the punches and the ways to defend them are precisely the same. Kickboxing borrowed them from boxing and then added the kicking techniques which allow for different angles of striking

Kickboxing rules allow for all kinds of kicks. Fighters from taekwondo and karate, for example, managed to use unorthodox strikes and see great success.

Fitness Benefits

When you talk about using your legs more through space you are automatically having to increase the demand for more exertion. Throwing a round kick with power will always take more than throwing a punch because it demands more from your body and core. However, you cannot leave out punching. When you combine both you get a head to toe workout that exhausts your cells and forces your body to find better balance when on one foot.

MA Fitness tends to focus on 3 main kicks: front kick, round kick and side kick. From here you have different variations but mastering these basics is forever.

Health Benefits of Boxing and Kickboxing

  • Full-body aerobic workout.
  • Cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Strength building.
  • Weight loss potential.

Kickboxing incorporates a lot of kicking and lower body stretching that, if done correctly and safely, can help improve flexibility and strength in the hamstrings and lower back.

In other words, you might get a higher intensity workout a little faster with kickboxing, but you might also be at higher risk of getting hurt. This is why coaching is so important.