In September we had participants join the 6 week macro nutrition challenge. Now our finishers are able to flash their results!
The winner gets a 3 month membership and 2 runner ups get a free personal training session with lead Trainers Matt & Marissa. First, let’s see what they had to do to be eligible and win this challenge! Macros are our preferred way to track food intake and adjust to personal goals. We’re not the only ones who have taken to this approach. It’s the simplest and most effective way to get in shape and modify eating habits.

nutrition challenge

Nutrition Challenge

  1. Track macros and follow the nutrition guidelines provided. Each individual got specific macro breakdowns according to their current height, weight, gender, activity level and goals.
  2. Send accountability coaches their workout challenge updates weekly or post to social media. Weeks 1-6 each came with it’s own unique workout to complete on top of the classes they attended in person 3-5x/week
  3. Finish with a final weigh in and after picture.

We were blown away by some of the results. Of course, we know that this system works but to see it in action always amazes us. Now let’s present the finalists! Each person did phenomenal and saw awesome result however there can be only 1 grand prize winner for this nutrition challenge.

Finalist #1 – Mandy

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Whoa! Just look at this. Mandy’s photo results really showed massive body composition changes while losing 6.5lbs of body fat.This is what makes her the grand prize winner! While these pictures are from the 6 week challenge period, her final weigh in corresponded with her 6 month anniversary at MA Fitness St Pete. Here’s what she said, “I have had a myriad of physical and mental changes. The physical- meh- to be expected, but the mental….. I’m back to myself and am so happy for it. Life took me down a few times over the past few years, I finally decided to change that and am I sooo super glad I did.” Congrats Mandy!

Finalist #2 – Andrew

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This guy totally crushed it. sticking to his numbers and the workout challenges Andrew dropped 11lbs and you can see great muscle definition too. Being consistent pays off and that’s what a fitness lifestyle is all about.

Finalist #3 – Carolyn

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Another amazing finisher. Carolyn slimmed down a whopping 11.5lbs! Incredible weight loss in just 6 weeks using macro nutrition tracking. Carolyn is a long time member but took the next step to clean up her eating and saw the biggest result since joining.

Finalist #4 – Zack

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We really applaud Zach for his effort in this challenge. Every check in, every workout he was locked in from start to finish losing 12.5lbs, the most of any participant in the nutrition challenge. His attitude and drive is exactly what we coach in classes and we’re lucky to have him in this community.


So there you have it. We hope this peaks your interest in macros and cleaning up your eating habits. It’s the MOST important factor in weight loss and body composition. The workouts are the dedicated action we take but nutrition is how we LIVE. Live better and fight for your fitness. Register for the next challenge! We’d love to work with you