You know what everyone says they hate? Running.
Which got us thinking… maybe we need to get better at it!
You know we’re all about stepping out of the comfort zone. Let’s stop complaining and start DOING.

The month of July fitness challenge is going to help us face this running beast and overcome it.
We are starting off with a 400 meter run 3 times a week. Week 2, we do 800 meters 3 times a week. Week 3, 1200 meters laps! Week 4, 1600 meters! That’s one mile. Building up each week, doing things in a manageable and sustainable way – you know how we do.

You must run the lap(s) 3 times a week, before or after class or in your neighborhood. Please allot time if you are doing it before class so that you do not walk in late!!
July 4 – 9: 1 lap 3 times a week
July 11 – 16: 2 laps 3 times a week
July 18 – 23: 3 laps 3 times a week
July 25 – 30: 4 laps 3 times a week

In the parking lot:
One lap is from billboard to billboard (1/4 mile). You can walk, run, jog, frolic – begin at the sign in front of the gym and run to the billboard, looping around to the American Freight sign by the parking lot entrance. Congratulations!! You have successfully completed one lap.

Keep track of your status on the whiteboard in the back room or DM us on one of our social channels. This is how we know who has successfully completed the challenge!

Are you still reading?! AWESOME, because now you know that 2 winners who successfully complete this challenge will win a $10 MA Fitness GIFT CARD!! This can be applied to your monthly membership payment, apparel, supplements, etc!

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