Is there truly a workout that is the “best fitness routine”? With so many options available and marketed in the fitness space today things can become overwhelming when committing to a program. Is Zumba the answer? Walking? Crossfit? Kickboxing? In this article, we’ll explore some key factors in choosing the best fitness routine for you.

Consider Your Goals

Being focused here is the hardest part of the goal-setting phase. We encourage clients to dial in one specific goal in a specific area. For instance, choose a weight loss goal or a strength goal. You may see results in other areas while you achieve the goal but this will keep you on the right track and accomplishing specific tasks. This pointed goal will help you get to the bigger picture faster. It will also work in your favor mentally! Accomplishing small victories leads to more motivation and consistency.

For example, if your big picture goal is to be 50lbs lighter and stronger in your upper body then you need to start with a focus on losing the weight or gaining the strength. A strength goal would be: Do 15 Full body push ups or Bench press 150lbs for 5 reps. A weight loss goal would be to lose 20 lbs in 45 days. Your approach should be extremely different based on the focus of your goal. This has a direct impact on which fitness routine is best for you!

The Best Fitness Routine is the One You Enjoy

There is a myth out there that you have to do a lot of different exercise in a weekly rotation to see the best results. This is a lie. Find the best fitness routine for you and stick with it. Another factor in this is what you actually enjoy doing. Some people like going to the gym alone. Others need a group around them for motivation, direction and socializing before and after.

Some are excited to run indoors or outdoors and others despise running of any kind. These personal differences are why there are so many forms of fitness out there! If you hate what you are doing then odds are you are not going to stick with it very long. You’ll find an excuse to stop and it won’t be hard.

Try a kickboxing class, zumba, running club, crossfit, bootcamp and see where you fit. Then commit to a program for at least 6 months

The Best Fitness Routine is the One That Works

If your goal is weight loss then going to a gym solo and doing weight training is not going to help. You have to clean up your eating and challenge the body to burn more in HIIT workouts. If you goal is to squat 275lbs you are not going to do that doing HIIT workouts. This is why understanding your goal and being focused is so important. HEre are some expamples:

  • Crossfit – High level athletic powerlifting combination. Suited for high level athletes and those wanting to push the top end of strength and conditioning. Good for strength and fitness building
  • Kickboxing – HIIT training with a focus on bodyweight, pound for pound, strengthening. Good for weight loss
  • Running/Walking – Cardio with some benefit in leg/bone strengthening. Good for weight loss but bad if you are carrying too much weight as the jarring of the lower body joints could cause pain over time
Putting it All Together

As you can see this is not a simple matter. If it is your very first jump into fitness we would recommend getting involved with a group or personal trainer to at least learn a little bit more about movements and get comfortable pushing your fitness level with supervision. Choosing the best fitness routine is choice specifically for you and your goals. These can change over time! As you reach new levels of result you may choose to move on to another form of fitness to reach that goal and that is just what you should do. Train hard and train smart

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