Last year we introduced Benchmark Workouts into our programming, and it’s something totally new to MA Fitness! We have long wanted to create a way to gauge our physical progress, and finally we have come up with something that fits our structure and our type of workouts.

These workouts are held each quarter, with a new workout headed your way with each season. We will repeat these workouts annually. With each of these Benchmark Workouts, we record your results. Whether it be a workout for time or reps, we want to mark down how you did so that when this same workout rolls around again in a year from now, we have a marker to measure the progress you’ve made!

You can weigh yourself on a scale or take pictures of yourself, but what indicator do you have to really see if you are increasing your fitness level? That’s why we created these Benchmark Workouts. We want you to lose weight if that is your goal. We want you to look better in photos! But we also want you to get stronger and see what your body is capable of doing. 

We are not satisfied with staying the same. Complacency in fitness will get you nowhere. Over the course of a year, do you know how much progress you can make? How much faster and stronger you can become? It is incredible, and we want to show you! By recording your results from the Benchmarks and looking back on them when we repeat the workouts, we can show you exactly how much more you are able to push yourself than you did the first time.

As mentioned, these workouts can be done for reps or for time. Many of the workouts are also weighted. When recording your results, you will mark down how fast you completed it or how many rounds you completed, what weight you used if you used it, and any modifications made to the workout. For example, if you did all the push-ups on your knees instead of your toes, or if you substituted one move for another.

Here are some viable ways to progress in the Benchmark Workouts:

  • Complete the workout in a faster time
  • Complete more rounds of the workout in the time given
  • Increase the weight you used for the workout
  • Perform the full movements instead of any modifications

Progress in the gym is so much more than the number on a scale. It’s about becoming a better athlete! These workouts are all similar in structure to our current workouts, so training with us regularly will increase your performance, guaranteed. We hope that this is a reason to push yourself, to really give it your all and see how you can increase your strength and stamina.

The Benchmark Workouts are held every 6 weeks, starting in February. Some of them include:


If you’ve joined any of these workouts before, you know that they are highly challenging, but as always, we can modify anything that needs modifying. The goal is to do YOUR best, and to see yourself improve over the course of the year. We want you to succeed, and increasing your physical fitness ability is an incredible way to do so.

So when you see “Benchmark Workout” on the schedule, don’t get scared! It’s an amazing workout and a great marker of progress. Join the fun!

Ready to Start Training?

The ability to get the proper gear for this at home is important so we have partnered with Century Martial Arts to provide a full store of the required equipment right on our website! You can see and shop there right from your home and get the gear shipped straight to you!

Here are some workouts to get you started to with an at home workout plan! See some of our latests videos on Youtube HERE.

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